There are several OKDHSLIVE-related questions and answers that can be found below. They will help you if you have any questions. We hope this FAQ guide will be helpful in resolving your issue.

Common Questions

What if a customer renews SNAP this month but requires a child care review next month?

It is in your interest and the customer’s interest to synchronize the electrical parts so that they all cook at the same time. You can go ahead and use the current renewal submission for both sections to sync them up and easily request additional information such as work/school hours that you need to extend child care.

Why OKDHS Live! close long-term care medical cases?

OKDHS live! it doesn’t really close the folders. Encoding the BRR fields in section D controls whether the section meets the BRR criteria, which can result in auto-close if verification is not completed. If the LTC case is not in the performance report status, the coding in Section D is incorrect and should be corrected. This issue is not new to OKDHSLive! as the system is merely an additional means of submitting renewal information to semiannual and annual registrants.

OKDHS live is amazing! There are more steps than on paper.

As with any new process, this might seem like it at first glance. Every step with OKDHS Live! matches a step that would have been done on paper, even if it means deleting steps here and there. Using the web utility to mark a case as pending or ready for action is an optional extra step, but this quick step gives everyone more transparency so they can answer customer questions instead of sending them back to you.

Enter your details in OKDHS Live! ok, does it block? If yes, how is this resolved?

You have three chances to enter your information correctly before getting banned. There are two places where this happens. If you are locked out due to a password breach, try OKDHS Live! number and they can help you. If you do not enter the correct zip code three times to access the renewal, this violation will block the renewal and you will need to verify the correct address with the customer and then submit a repair ticket to the AFS Helpdesk to process the case.